The Carry Your Message® Story:

Vicki Prussak Founder Carry Your MessageCarry Your Message® was created from my own personal journey. During a time of battling internal struggles as a young adult, I started writing down notes, quotes and inspiring words to look to throughout the day. These little reminders would empower me to stay strong, positive and embrace change.

So I wouldn’t lose them, I started placing my messages into jewelry I made for myself. Today, Carry Your Message® reaches far beyond my journey. Wear a piece of Carry Your Message® jewelry as a mindful reminder of what is truly important or inspirational to you or the ones you love.

Whether you are wearing it for personal motivation and inspiration or gifting it to a friend to show support, Carry Your Message® was crafted to create the power of connection. I hope one of my creations helps you discover your message and guide you in your own personal journey.

-Vicki Prussak
Owner/Creator/Jewelry Designer of Carry Your Message®

Carry Your Message created out of a need

How Carry Your Message is made

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