Why you don’t want balance in your life.

Balance, a nice concept but is it realistic for your life? Balance is ideal for your checkbook. You need balance to walk, to ride a bike and many other things in life. Balance is helpful. Often we strive for "balance" because we think we will feel better. We are told,...

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Faith it till you make it

What Not to Wear was a makeover Reality show hosted by Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. Each show participant was nominated for a makeover by relatives, friends, or co-workers. The makeover nomination could feel devastating to the nominee. They may not think there was...

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Taming the Chatter

Many years ago, there were battles between my ears.  A constant chatter that seemed to come from nowhere. The proverbial angel and devil sitting on my shoulders, each tugging for my undivided attention and soul belief of what they said to me, about me. It was a very...

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17 Words that Will Never Fail You in 2017

Words. Fascinating, creative, enlightening and powerful. As far back as I can remember I have been enticed by the dictionary to better understand the deeper meaning of words and how the words we carry define us. Years ago my Sponsor/Mentor Marge gave me a list of "17...

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Dear Fear

Dear Fear, You have been and will continue to be my companion; however, the terms are different today as to how we relate. I spent my life listening and believing the chatter you shouted in my ears that echoed and rattled my confidence. For most of my life I believed...

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Love Never Dies

This beautiful testimonial is the epitome of the Carry Your Message™ meaning. Love Never Dies “It happened on a beautiful summer night in June 2014; I received the tragic news that my daughter’s beloved Daniel had suddenly passed away. They had dated only a short...

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