17 Words that Will Never Fail You in 2017

Words. Fascinating, creative, enlightening and powerful. As far back as I can remember I have been enticed by the dictionary to better understand the deeper meaning of words and how the words we carry define us. Years ago my Sponsor/Mentor Marge gave me a list of "17...

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Dear Fear

Dear Fear, You have been and will continue to be my companion; however, the terms are different today as to how we relate. I spent my life listening and believing the chatter you shouted in my ears that echoed and rattled my confidence. For most of my life I believed...

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Love Never Dies

This beautiful testimonial is the epitome of the Carry Your Message™ meaning. Love Never Dies “It happened on a beautiful summer night in June 2014; I received the tragic news that my daughter’s beloved Daniel had suddenly passed away. They had dated only a short...

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