Rain Pryor
The talented Rain Pryor, daughter of the late Richard Pryor

Never leave home without your CYM necklace. WATCH for yourself

Carry Your Message has been a precious tool in my life. Coming from a past world of jewelry design myself it takes a very imaginative piece of jewelry to touch my spirit! This piece I own from Carry your Message has been just that – Strengthening A Life Transformation – The work of Victoria L. Prussak is monumental in the world of health and healing – Everyone should own at least one piece and Carry Your Message!! You will not be the same!!

Michelle Riley – President, Horticulturist, CLT at All About You Signature Landscape Design Inc.

It happened on a beautiful summer night in June 2014; I received the tragic news that my daughter’s beloved Daniel had suddenly passed away.  They had dated only a short time, and were to be engaged later that summer.  Daniel was easy to love, and though many were grieving this horrible loss, my daughter Betsy was inconsolable.  While Daniel lived in nearby Cleveland, and my daughter in Akron, he spent most weekends with her, as he intended to move here.  Not too many knew of Daniel’s habit of leaving little love notes hidden throughout her apartment, for her to find throughout the week.  But Betsy had shared that with me and that she had saved them all.  After the initial shock, wanting to do something to help ease Betsy’s suffering, I thought of my friend Vicki, and the unique jewelry she created, Carry Your Message.  I knew the necklaces were meant to hold slips of paper with personal messages known only to the one wearing the necklace.  I immediately thought of the collected love notes and knew that Betsy would find courage and comfort in wearing Daniel’s messages close to her heart in the days ahead.  I called Vicki and was so happy that she was able to get one to me the very next day.  I gave it to Betsy right away, and she was so touched by the idea of having his messages close to her.  It did give her comfort and courage as she endured the painful days of mourning and the lonely days ahead; the necklace served as a close reminder that although many things in this life will change, love never dies.

Mary Newlon

I needed custom jewelry to match a bellydance costume. It was very important to me because it was for a dance competition. I sketched out what I wanted and gave it to Vicki. The jewelry she produced was amazing, better then what I pictured in my head. She measured my arms so everything fit perfectly, and she included wonderful details. The bracelets are functional, easy to dance in, and I get a lot of compliments on them. Anne Laing

Yoga and Belly Dance Teacher

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